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Sergei Parajanov

Sergei Parajanov – Documentary [1-6 parti]

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  1. Culoarea rodiei
    20/12/2009 la 2:42 pm

    Color of Pomegranates / Sayat Nova (English subtitles)

    Steeped in religious iconography, The Color of Pomegranates is a deeply spiritual testament to director Sergei Parajanovs fascination with Armenian folk art and culture. It is also a controversial work, which, coupled with another of his films, Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors, led to his arrest and imprisonment in a Soviet Gulag for four years. The Soviets insisted he was guilty of selling gold and icons illegally and committing homosexual acts. In reality, his only crime was offending the tenets of socialist realism, both in his daring surrealistic form and in his choice of subject matter. While many of the popular films of this era in Soviet cinema were largely propaganda designed to serve the ideological interests of the regime, Parajanov chose to focus on the ethnography and spirituality of the Ukraine, Armenia, and Georgia. © ARMENFILM, 1968.

  2. 20/12/2009 la 4:59 pm

    Lebedyne ozero – Zona (1990)

    Directed by Yuri Ilyenko Written by Sergei Parajanov

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  3. 20/12/2009 la 5:15 pm
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